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w/c Monday 23rd March

Log in to Times Table Rockstars to improve your recall of times table facts.

Sharpen your mental arithmetic skills by playing Hit The Button.

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BBC Bitesize has a wealth of resources you can explore to find out about lots of different subjects. Record your findings in your Home Learning Book. Find out how solids, liquids and gases can be separated. What can you discover about different settlements? Where do people settle and why? What can you learn about geographical features? 

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Be inspired and become an author by responding creatively to today's picture!

Settlement and Invasion...

Research our topic using some of these websites. You can choose how to present your findings - be creative! You could write about life in a Viking Long House, using your models for inspiration. Who was most powerful, the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings or Scots? What are the strengths and weaknesses between the Anglos, Vikings and Scots? How do the values and beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon civilisation compare with those of British culture and tradition today?

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In the News...

Keep up-to-date by looking at Newsround. What is it like to be at home whilst our school is closed due to Coronavirus? You could write reflections in the style of a blog and interview your family members to get their opinions. You could create your own journalistic report!

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Complete the Home Learning English and Maths Pack in the attachments at the bottom of this page.