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Year 5

Moving On Up

To the class of 2021, welcome to Year 6! 

We can’t believe it’s your final year at Fairisle. But don’t worry, we are planning to make it a great one for you. We all know you’ve missed a lot of school, and we can’t wait to see you all back here in September. Miss O’Shea is excited to be following you from Year 5 into Year 6 and can't wait to teach you all again. The other Year 6 teachers have heard lots about you and they are really looking forward to getting to know you all. We know some things will be different, but don’t worry, many things will be the same. Most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by your friends and teachers who care and want the best for you. Have a lovely relaxing summer.

See you all very soon!

Best wishes, from the Year 6 Team

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