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Fairisle Junior School

FairisleJunior SchoolSouthampton

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I am so very pleased to be able to welcome you to Fairisle Junior School on behalf of the Governing Body.

This school is an exciting place with enthusiastic and dedicated staff and Headteacher. Each and every child that attends the school is very important to each of us, whatever his or her background, academic ability or culture. The school is concerned to get the best from every pupil and to make their time at the school happy and fulfilled, so that later in life they will look back at their schooldays at Fairisle Junior School with the most pleasant of memories.

Teaching and Learning at the school are constantly under review together with the general level of behaviour of the children (which is generally exemplary) and the Governing Body is very supportive of the Headteacher in his efforts to improve standards in all areas.

I hope I will be able to welcome you and update the changes to the school on the website as they happen. In the meantime please visit the school and arrange with the Headteacher to tour the classrooms etc. If you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact me via the school.

Nikki Webb

Chair of Governors