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At Fairisle Junior School, in Science, we encourage curiosity in children so that they ask questions that fuel explorations and investigations about the universe we live in.

By building on from the Early Years work of understanding the world and Key Stage One work of experiencing and observing phenomena, we aim to support children in developing their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding within the different elements of Science. We will equip them with enquiry-based skills to investigate, compare, classify and research concepts. We believe that these skills will encourage our children to become inquisitive learners who will have a thirst for understanding the world around them. At Fairisle Junior School, we are strong believers that Science should be engaging, relevant and practical. Science lessons in our school encourage children to ask questions and provide opportunities for them to explore, plan enquiries and investigate areas of interest. We will provide our children with the skills and understanding enabling them to use a range of resources and equipment to support their investigations. We believe that these opportunities and experiences provide the children in our school with the understanding of why Science is relevant to their lives now and how it will continue to be relevant in the future.


Over the course of the academic year, children will carry out several investigations, which involve different types of enquiry:

At the start of the year, we launched the different enquiry types across the school:

Take a look at some of our work in science: