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Fairisle Junior School

FairisleJunior SchoolSouthampton

Kids ZoneE-Safety


As a school we have a responsibility to ensure all our children attend school on time every day.

What time does school start?

Our doors open for the children at 8.40am and they are welcome to join their teachers at that time. School starts officially at 8.50am when the bell is rung in the playground. Registers close at 9.00am.

What if my child is late?

All children who arrive after 9.00am complete a slip. The slip will ask your child to give a reason why they are late. If your child has difficulties with writing we will help them to complete this, or complete it with them.

Why do we do this?

As a school we have a duty to ensure children are punctual in their arrival. This includes tackling the causes of lateness and seeing how we can help address them.

What if my child arrives after 9.20am?

Your child is marked as absent for the whole morning session and the absence is unuthorised. This can result in penalty notices being issued by the Local Authority.