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Learning Leaders

Every class has a Learning Leader. Elections for Learning leaders are held every September and if you are lucky to be selected you will be in office for one academic year.

A Learning Leader is responsible for helping the school move forward, raise funds for educational equipment and relay any important information to their classes and parents.

If you are interested in being a Learning Leader, you need to stand for election in September. You will need to give a short presentation to your class on why you want to be a Learning leader. The children in your class will vote and if you are successful you will be a Learning Leader.

                         GOOD LUCK!

Our 2019-2020 Learning Leaders


I wanted to be a Learning leader because I want to help everyone learn and help them respect other people’s right to learn. I want to make the school the best learning place it can be.


I wanted to be a Learning Leader because I like having meetings and I like having chats with people. I am a kind person.


I wanted to be a Learning Leader because I respect our school. I am kind and a good friend to all.


I became a Learning Leader because I want to help the school to be a team and help

Each year group be as good as they can be. I want to help and be as good as I can be.


I wanted to be a Learning leader because I like helping people and I will be a good role model for the school.


I like Gymnastics and I am a fun person. I wanted to be a Learning leader because I am helpful and kind. I like to go outside and play and help other children.


As a Learning leader, I’m a great choice because I will help students and also make sure that children are safe.


I wanted to be a Learning Leader as I wanted to experience new things and help others in any curriculum subjects when needed.  I will also attend every meeting to make sure that I don’t miss out. I also want to set a good example to children that are younger than me.

Lilly- May

I wanted to be a Learning Leader because I wanted to experience helping others and to make important choices to improve our school.  I enjoy playing with animals and playing with my friends at school. If anybody needs any help, please come to me.


I will be a good Learning Leader because I will turn up to every meeting. I want to help pick charities and to help improve learning at our school.  I will help you play games at lunchtime.


I wanted to be a Learning leader because I’m kind, respectful and a good role model. I also wanted to be a learning Leader because I want to help support the school with raising money and to make learning better.


I am glad that I’m a Learning Leader because I am a very kind person and a good role model to others. I am very mature and responsibly. It also gives me the chance to make school a better place, although that will be hard as it is already a lovely place.  


I have been chosen to be a Learning leader as I am respectful, ready and safe. I try hard in my work and persevere in every challenge.



At our first meeting we discussed what charities we wanted to support and how we would raise the money.  The charities that we will support are set out below. We will hold non-uniform days to raise the money.

  • Hairy Hounz dog rescue - 25th October 2019
  • Brain Tumour Research (Wear a Hat Day. This will be held in December this year!) - 13th December 2019
  • Autism Awareness–13th February 2020
  • Purple Day for Epilepsy – 27th March 2020
  • Leukaemia Busters – 22nd May 2020
  • National Eczema society – 17th July 2020

There are usually two discos each academic year. All funds raised from these events will go to our ‘playground fund.’  See newsletters for more information.

At Fairisle Junior School we support a lot of different charities each year. Together, we have decided not to raise money for ‘Children in Need,’ ‘Sports Relief,’ and ‘Comic Relief’ as these charities raise an enormous amount of money each year. We have discussed this in one of our assemblies and we found out that nearly all of us contribute to these charities anyway with our families.

The charities that we have picked to raise money for, are not so well supported and need our help.