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Fairisle Junior School

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At Fairisle Junior School, we aim to provide our children with a curriculum which prepares them for life beyond primary education. In Design and Technology, we encourage children to be confident to take on new challenges, to build on existing skills and develop new ones and create imaginative end products. 

The testing and evaluating of ideas and products is essential to ensure that they continuously adapt their design whilst learning to use tools safely and to create the most desirable final product. Children develop their knowledge of nutrition and begin to learn some of the basics of cooking.

D.T. is a subject that enables children to develop resilience, be curious and overcome problems. We aim to teach children the necessary skills for them to grow their enthusiasm for the subject and lay the potential aspirational foundations for their futures as designers, engineers, builders and creators. 

Each unit of work follows a sequence of lessons which enable children to investigate, design, make and evaluate. At Fairisle, we aim to build an awareness of the impact of design and technology on our lives and encourage children to become resourceful citizens. 

Here are some of our outcomes...

Sewing laurel leaf headbands in Year 3:

Bread making in Year 4:

Year 5's Mars Rovers:

Making pizza in Year 6: