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w/c Monday 30th March

Continue to use your SATs Revision Guides at home to revise different areas of maths (arithmetic and reasoning) and improve your reading and grammar skills. Remember mark your work by using the answers in the back of your books. 


Join Joe Wicks at 9am for his daily PE lesson on his YouTube channel. Encourage your family to join you – it’s fun to work out together!

Joe Wicks to donate ALL of his earnings from daily PE lessons to ...


Continue to develop your mathematical knowledge and understanding with lessons from White Rose Maths. There are lessons just for your year group which include a video explaining concepts and some activities for you to complete. There’s also an answer sheet so once you’ve completed the learning, you can check to see how successful you’ve been. Keep checking this site as more and more lessons are going to be added.

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Can you solve this problem?

Chicken and Sheep

A farmer looks across a field of chicken and sheep. He counts 26 heads and 74 legs. How many chicken and sheep does he have?

Try to represent this problem in different ways: pictures, models, algebra etc.


Become a poet!

Start by finding out about some famous poets. Watch them perform! What style of poetry do you prefer and why? What poetic devices do they use?

Find out more about your favourite poets by reading and listening to interviews with them. What inspires them?

Use this inspiration to write your own poetry. Why not take part in the Premier League Writing Stars poetry challenge? The theme is ambition. Explore the website where there’s lots of useful films, example poems and top tips to help you.

Premier League Primary Stars - BURTON ALBION COMMUNITY TRUST

Become an author!

You are going to be creating your own story book! Invent a good character and an evil character. Create a fact file for each of them in your Home Learning book. Where do your characters live? Describe their settings.

History and Geography

Find out more about the Maya Ancient Civilisation!

Test your Maya civilisation knowledge - BBC Bitesize

Where did the Maya people come from? Make a map that details exactly where they lived. Try to include as much detail as possible, including the main cities and surrounding areas. Can you create a set of instructions for a Maya game?

In the News…

Continue to write your reflections on what is it like to be at home whilst our school is closed due to Coronavirus. Remember to interview family members – this is a great way to keep in touch with members of your family that you don’t live with by telephone. Do you have family member that live alone? This could not only help with your writing but may also help in preventing loneliness.  

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Challenge yourself!

Why not try to achieve something new? You could learn to type, enter a competition or even earn yourself a Blue Peter badge!

Learn to type with Gary using Dance Mat Typing.

Dance Mat Typing - Golden View Technology

You could enter a competition at National Geographic Kids. There’s lots of different competitions to appeal to different interests and lots of wonderful prizes up for grabs.

Try to earn a Blue Peter badge. There are eight of them. You can take a quiz that uses top of the range technology to decipher which Blue Peter badge would be perfect for you!

The Blue Peter badges.

Make Someone Smile

There are some awful things happening in our country and worldwide at the moment, so it’s really important to stay positive as this can help us feel happier. We hope that there is something today that you are grateful for or something that has made you smile. Do something to put a smile on somebody else’s face. Make a list of all of the things that you can do for people in your household. Get them to put a tick next to it each time you do it. At the end of the week, write about the kind things you have done for others and explain how this makes you feel. 

Be a Teacher

Don’t forget to mark the learning you completed last week from the Home Learning English and Maths Pack. The answers are in the attachments at the bottom of this page.