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w/c Monday 29th June

Here is this week’s Year 3 schedule for BBC Bitesize:

Check out the lessons for this week (week 10 – 29th June) on Oak National Academy.

Oak National Academy

This week’s English lessons are all about stories. This includes reading stories, considering their features and composing your own story. The maths lessons this week will help you to develop your understanding of time. You can learn to tell the time to the nearest minute. Do you know what amplitude and decibels are? Find out by taking part in this week’s science lessons. In Spanish, you can learn to name family members and pets. Finally, you can learn how to create your own optical illusion: an impossible triangle!


Remember that the websites we have signposted you to previously will be continuing to add more learning opportunities. Choose the websites that work best for you!

All Home Lessons - I See Maths

Children's Book Reviews, Recommendations and Free Opening Extracts ...

Southampton FC's Saints Foundation Coaching Week 8th -12th April ...

The Body Coach - We've got a new PE With Joe logo 😊 What...

White Rose Maths

Click on the Logo below to be taken to this week’s maths lessons - week 10. The worksheets you will need are attached at the bottom of this page. The answers are there too so that you can mark your learning each day and see how well you’ve done. If you get a question wrong, please don’t worry. Look at the answer sheet and see if you can work out your mistake. Remember that making mistakes is part of learning!

White Rose Maths (@WhiteRoseMaths) | Twitter

500 Words: Black Lives Matter

Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood launch 500 Words: Black Lives ...

You may have heard of the 500 Words competition, which is the world’s largest story-writing competition for children. Since 2011, over a million stories have been submitted. Now, the organisers want to hear children’s voices about the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement by writing a story. From 6:30am today until Friday 3 July 2020 at 11:59pm, they are inviting children to respond in no more than 500 words. Use your experiences and feelings to create a story. They have a clear message: your words have the power to change you and the world around you. Find out more by exploring the website where you’ll find lots of inspiration and tips for writing an effective story:

Chris Evans has launched the competition today alongside Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood. Tune into Virgin Radio Breakfast Show from today to keep up with the competition.

Children’s Art Week

This week marks the start of Children’s Art Week 2020. It is run by Engage (the National Association for Gallery Education) and this year it will run for three weeks from 29 June to 19 July 2020. Each week has a different theme. This week’s theme is: The Natural World.

This week we would like you to become artists and enjoy being creative. Use this week’s theme as inspiration and interpret it in your own way to create a unique piece of art.

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who creates artwork in natural landscapes using natural materials. Watch the video below to find out more. You could create your own artwork using natural materials!

Remember that Tate Kids offers lots of artistic ideas (from painting to sculpture and lots more) and you can also learn about different artists and their styles in ‘Explore’.

Websites Every Art Teacher Should Know - The Arty Teacher

Fancy a challenge? Try the art and design challenge cards attached at the bottom of this page.

Here are some ideas which might inspire you!

Nature Art for Kids :: 33 Nature Art Activities to Try

Leaf Painting


With the return of the Premier League, many of you may have been enjoying watching football on television again. It’s a little different as the stadiums are empty. As it’s Art Week, we would like to challenge you to design a new kit for your favourite team. This can include socks, boots and even a new ball! Maybe Saints would look better playing in red and white spots instead of stripes? It’s time for you to get creative! Attached at the bottom of this page is a template, which you may wish to use. Alternatively, just draw your designs on a piece of paper. When creating your new kit, don’t forget to add some sponsors for your team. Think about where you’ll add logos. You might also want to create a flag to support your chosen team. Have fun designing!

Maths - Times Tables Rock Stars

Here's the results from last week:

Congratulations to 3LV and 3WS boys!

This week, new battles have already started. It’s 3LV versus 3WS. Who will be triumphant? In 3SH, it’s boys against girls. Who will be the champions? Only time will tell… Find out next week!

Fun and Games!

This week we would like you to invent your own game. This could be a board game, card game or a physical game – the choice is yours. To begin, think about your favourite games (this could be Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Rounders etc). What do you like about the game? What elements of your favourite game might you want to include in your new game? Now it’s time for you to get creative and design your own.

What will your game be called? You will need to think carefully about the rules of your game and how to explain these. Write a set instructions to help people play your game. What other resources will you need? You might need to create a board or cards. Will you need a dice or counters?

Finally, try playing your game with people at home. We hope you have fun playing together!


Please find a new Home Learning Pack (Week 6) for this week. Remember to be the teacher and mark your work from last week to see how successful you have been – the answers are attached below.