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w/c Monday 11th May

We hope that you are enjoying learning at home. Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize are great for developing key Maths and English skills as well as developing your understanding of other subjects too.

Here is this week’s Year 4 schedule for BBC Bitesize:

Check out the lessons for this week (week 4) on Oak National Academy:

Oak National Academy

We’ve put the links to some of the most popular websites below. Just click on the logos to be taken to these websites.


Remember that the websites we have signposted you to previously will be continuing to add more learning opportunities. Choose the websites that work best for you!

Children's Book Reviews, Recommendations and Free Opening Extracts ...

Southampton FC's Saints Foundation Coaching Week 8th -12th April ...

Scouts: The Great Indoors | Creative Works | The Drum

Websites Every Art Teacher Should Know - The Arty Teacher

Maths – I See Maths

Do you want a mathematical challenge? Get inspired with I See Maths! Gareth Metcalfe, a primary school teacher, hosts daily lessons that make maths learning visual and make you think. The lessons aim to teach maths in new and exciting ways. Watch the daily video and then click on the link below the video to access the supporting activities. Each video builds a mathematical idea using small steps. Although there’s a new video each day (look at the dates), you can always pick an older video if it’s an area of maths that interests you. There’s a video for Years 3 and 4, and a video for Years 5 and 6.     

All Home Lessons - I See Maths


Despite his injury, Joe Wicks is continuing to host his workouts on his YouTube channel. As you are spending more time at home, it’s really important to stay active and healthy. Exercising can help you to feel happier, more energised and more positive. Remember that you don’t have to join Joe live at 9am, you can do these workouts at any time during the day.

P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach


We have a new quiz for you this week: Allways chek for speling erors.

Always Check For Spelling Errors Concept - deTeched

Can you spot any mistakes in the quiz title? See how you get on this week. Remember try out the quiz and see how you do. If you can identify all of the correct spellings at your first attempt at the quiz, well done. If you don’t get all the answers correct, don’t worry. Spend time over the week learning the spellings you were unsure of and when you feel ready, play the quiz again. Remember to use different strategies to learn the spellings. If you’d like some new ideas, look at this spelling menu:

A Big THANK YOU to the NHS

As the National Health Service is working extremely hard to fight the coronavirus and care for those who are unwell, we thought you might like to learn more about our NHS. Please see the attached NHS Project for ideas. There are lots of different opportunities for you find out more and show appreciation and support for our NHS heroes. The activities are organised into five categories:

NHS Million have launched a poster project – we love the NHS! They have teamed up with artists from around the UK to design posters for you to print and colour in at home and put up in your windows. We have attached a selection below however there are lots more on the website. Click on the link below to see all of the wonderful designs created by different artists.

NHS Million 💙 on Twitter: "A HUGE thank you to all the amazing ...

Dyson Challenges

Dyson engineers have designed some fun science and engineering challenges for you. Find the cards attached at the bottom of this page. Check out the website to see videos of some of the challenges. Can you make a balloon-powered car? What about a spaghetti bridge? Look through the challenges and choose one that makes you curious!

Challenge your kids with these 44 fun engineering tasks from Dyson

Stubbington Study Centre: Turning Inside Out

Mr Scarborough and his team at Stubbington Study Centre have kindly put together a range of ideas for you to make the most of your time at home. There are lots of different activities to inspire you such as creating bird feeders, bug hotels, a nature crown and much more! The team at Stubbington are keen to see your creation so if you want to, take a photo and send it to the team at Stubbington Study Centre – Your photos might be published on their website, so only send your photos in if you are happy for this to happen. Click on the logo below to be taken to Turning Inside Out.

Stubbington Study Centre | Hampshire County Council

Maths - Times Tables Rock Stars

Here are the results from the battles that took place last week:

Well done to 4BP and to 4AE. 4CW, can you improve your score this week?

More battles have already started this morning (11 May). 4BP are battling against 4KS and 4CW are against 4AE. Who will be triumphant this week? Let the battles commence!

What are the states of matter?

What are solids, liquids and gases? Can you find examples of these in your homes? Click on the link below to start finding out:

Freeze some water and then melt it. Observe what happens. Watch what happens when an adult boils the kettle or a saucepan of water. What do you notice? Can you create diagrams to show what happens? Talk to the people you live with about the difference between solids, liquids and gases. If you have the resources, you could even make a water cycle in a bag! Look at the bottom of this page or click on the link below to see the instructions.

What have you discovered? You could write up your findings as a lab report.