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Learning Leaders

Every class has a Learning Leader. Elections for Learning leaders are held every September and if you are lucky to be selected you will be in office for one academic year.

A Learning Leader is responsible for helping the school move forward, raise funds for educational equipment and relay any important information to their classes and parents.

At Fairisle Junior School the Learning Leaders have helped with learning by discussing what the school needs to improve. Together, they decided that the playground needed more educational markings, games and areas to sit.  They have written letters to companies asking for contributions and they have helped organise fun raising days. This year they have also have also helped with our New behaviour policy and discussed learning in Maths and how we could make it even better for the children.

If you are interested in being a Learning Leader, you need to stand for election in September. You will need to give a short presentation to your class on why you want to be a Learning leader. The children in your class will vote and if you are successful you will be a Learning Leader.

                         GOOD LUCK!

Our 2017-2018 Learning Leaders


Charlotte 3KS

I wanted to be a Learning Leader because I like helping people.  I love gymnastics because I have enjoyed doing this since I was little.


Emily 3LG

I want to help children learn so that is why I became a Learning Leader.  I go to a gym club and I enjoy it because I like doing all the different moves. I also like reading and drawing.


Archie 3LM

I like playing basketball and football because they are my favourite sports activities. I like the dribbling and the kicking.  I am glad I am a Learning Leader as I have never been one before and I like helping people.


Libby 4PD  

Hi my name is Libby and I am a Learning Leader for 4PD. I think my class chose me to be their Learning Leader because I am honest and I help children with their work if they are stuck. I am interested in all of my work and my favourite subject is English. In PE I love gymnastics because it is really fun and I learn a lot of new things. I like writing stories and blogs in my spear time. My favourite books are by David Walliams. I hope I can make the school better.    


Logan 4AE

I love watching the rain but my favourite thing ever is ‘Pugs!’ I hate spiders! Mango is my favourite fruit but the best thing ever is being a Learning Leader.


Max 4AW

I am Max and I am a Learning Leader. My hobbies are football, reading and playing games on my laptop. I think I’ll be a good Learning Leader because I am funny, helpful and kind. I have lots of friends including Connor, Dylan and Bailey. I come from Poland and I have a big family but I live with my mum, sister and step-father. I think it is really exciting to be chosen as a Learning Leader because you get so many fun things to do and you get a badge.


Riley 5KH

I’m interested in anything to do with school work or football. I am in a football team. My best friend is Dylan. My favourite food is strawberries. I’m brilliant on my Xbox 1S. I think I’m a good choice for a Learning leader as I will help people the best I can.


Andreia 5JW

I am interested in anything to do with school work and sports. I am proud of what I have achieved while being at Fairisle Junior. My best friend is Molly and she is also a Learning Leader. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.  I love nature and anything to do with school.  I love gymnastics and cheerleading is my favourite thing to do.


Molly 5CJ

Hi, I’m Molly, a member of 5CJ. I was chosen to be my class Learning Leader because I am honest, respectful, caring and considerate. I was also chosen because I put a lot of effort into my presentation. I also have a lot of friends that I care about and who care for me. I am confident and fearless unless it involves spiders!!!  My favourite fruit is strawberries and I absolutely love Justin Bieber’s new song Despacito.


Chloe 6ZO

My Name is Chloe and I am 10 years old. Let me tell you all about me. I am interested in shopping at clothes stores and accessory shops. My favourite ones are Claire’s and Primark. My hobbies are gymnastics and my arms and legs can move in weird places! My favourite dinner is curry and my favourite colours are blue and pink. My favourite band is Little Mix and my favourite book is the Demon Dentist.


Alfie 6CB

Hello my name is Alfie and I am a Learning Leader in Year 6. I have a younger brother who I help look after. I have a dog called Charlie and he is a Springer Spaniel, which is my favourite type of dog. My favourite subject is P.E as I live to do athletics and also I do Taekwondo, football and rugby.


Daniel 6AS

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the Learning Leader for 6AS.  My hobbies are football, basketball and tag rugby.   My favourite foods are cake, party food and pasta.  P.E and computing are my favourite subjects because I am active and technology just wows me! Fun fact: My fun fact is I love my hair and I have to have my favourite brush.