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A Message from Mrs Steph Thurston

Chair of Governors

December 2017

Congratulations to our Year 3 children, who have really settled in well to life in the junior school. I am almost at the end of my first year as Chair of Governors and I am very proud of everything that has been achieved during the year and I would like to add my congratulations to the children and staff on a truly wonderful set of Key Stage 2 results.  We have also had a number of other great successes and as usual, the sporting achievements of our school have been very high on the list.  There has been success in athletics, football and gymnastics during the year, and we are proud to be the current Hampshire football champions.

Music has also been a great success again this year, the Music on the Map concerts for all musicians held this term at school. Thank you to all the staff and Alex Pope for making this a great success and experience for our children.

During the year, the school has continued to actively raise money for a number of charities close to home and further afield, including ‘Dylan's Quest’, something very close to the heart of our school.

In the autumn term, there have been some great day and residential trips that were all real successes. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the staff, who if it wasn't for them and their hard work organising these trips, would not happen.

During this term the governing body have been very busy in and around school.  We have worked alongside Mr Howard and the senior leaders looking at teachers teaching and children learning.  We have interviewed parents about safeguarding and we have questioned children about behaviour in and around the school.  Hopefully you will have read the outcomes of these in the Fairisle Times.

Earlier this term we met with Mandy Gard, our School Improvement Officer.  She was very positive about the school in her report and she agreed with us that governance at FJS has strengthened and that we hold leaders more robustly to account.   We are very proud of what she said about our children, that their behaviour is exemplary, and that she agreed with our judgements of our school, which she said is good.

One final thank you goes to you, the parents, for your continued support for both your children and the school. You have continued to support us through the homework and reading and I can assure you that we, as a school, are seeing the results of your hard work.