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Fairisle Junior School

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Equality & Diversity

At Fairisle Junior, children are taught about what bullying is and the different types of bullying that can occur. We foster an ethos that inhibits bullying and promotes inclusion and respect for diversity. We are proactive at addressing issues; we don’t shy away from difficult subjects. Any Equality Act incidents are recorded. We will challenge all members of our school community to be inclusive. Our library and book corners have books that celebrate diversity and different types of families. By the end of Key Stage 2, children will know the nine protected characteristics and the importance of promoting equality. We aim to inspire our children to promote equality, celebrate diversity and become inclusive, considerate members of society. 

What is equality?

Equality means recognising and responding fairly to the individual needs and identities of all others. It provides everyone with an opportunity to reach their full potential and have an equal chance to live their life as they choose, regardless of their protected characteristics.  

What are the nine protected characteristics?

Key Vocabulary and Definitions:

  • Unfairness - A lack of justice or equality.
  • Injustice - Not fair or just; refers to things that   are not based on things that are morally right.
  • Discrimination - The unjust treatment of categories of people, based on things like race, sex, or ability.
  • Prejudice - Preconceived opinions about  something that aren't based on reason.
  • Harassment - Harassment is unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 if it’s because of or connected to one of the 9 protected characteristics. Harassment is a type of abuse; it is when a person annoys or upsets someone else, usually repetitively. It's done on purpose and makes the target feel scared, worried or sick from fear. It is unwanted behaviour, which someone finds offensive or makes them feel intimidated or humiliated.