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Collective Worship

At Fairisle Junior School we believe that Collective Worship establishes a sense of school community and is a central part of our celebrations, reflections and values. Throughout the week there are times when the whole school comes together, or in year group or as classes.

Collective Worship is a legal requirement in schools and should take place daily. Following the legislation of the 1988 Education Act it ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’. Where appropriate we seek to involve the pupils in leading acts of worship too.

What collective worship is:

What collective worship is not:

  • A legal daily requirement
  • A time to celebrate the communal identity of our school and its values
  • A reflective time in the day
  • Planned, rooted in a theme, which may link to the curriculum
  • Involving ritual, exploration and celebration of the things our school holds of value or meaning
  • Open-ended and led by different people
  • A coming together and an opportunity for talents to be highlighted
  • A joyful, reflective celebration and sometimes solemn reassurance
  • Something that involves responsibility and reciprocity with a variety of different content
  • A church service (except on specific occasions)
  • Faith worship or a time to convert people to a faith stance
  • Someone imposing their views
  • Authoritarian or top-down
  • A time for giving out notices or disciplining
  • A time just to celebrate successes and achievements
  • A performance, overly ambitious or elaborate
  • Long and boring
  • At a set time every day
  • Always about the whole school being together

If parents would like to withdraw their child from Collective Worship, then they need to contact the Headteacher. Parents can view the Collective Worship overview for each half term so that they may make an informed decision (although please be aware that minor changes are always possible).

Collective Worship School Timetable:


Whole school: introducing weekly thought


Year group led by Year Leader: sharing year group celebrations related to learning and school rules, reflecting upon the weekly thought


Whole school: singing and reflection on thought


Visitor assemblies and class reflections upon thought


Whole school celebration: Learners of the week celebrated, Headteacher’s Awards, Merit Awards, House Points, celebration of achievements outside of school

Click on the terms in this section to find out what we cover in our Collective Worship.