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Lockdown Learning - Summer 2020

Summer Holiday

Enjoy your Summer Break!!!! - West Chatham Middle School | Facebook

Well done for continuing to learn at home whilst school has been closed for many of you. We know that it must be strange learning in different surroundings so well done for rising to the challenge.

We will not be putting any new content onto the Home Learning pages whilst school is closed over the summer. We will however be leaving all of the prior learning opportunities on here for you to look back through the weeks and complete any learning you missed if you wish to. Don’t forget about the Summer Reading Challenge: Silly Squad (details can be found below). If you would like a project for the summer, please see our Book Study ideas below. White Rose Maths have also released some free work booklets for you if you would like to continue to develop your maths skills over the summer.

White Rose Maths — All Saints C of E Primary School

Please enjoy the break. Be kind to your family and friends. We have missed you and cannot wait to see you all in September!

Silly Squad: Summer Reading Challenge 2020 – Explore York

Silly Squad: Summer Reading Challenge 2020

The theme for this year's Summer Reading Challenge is: Silly Squad. It's all about books, happiness and having a laugh so why not join in!

‘The Silly Squad is a team of animal friends who love to go on adventures and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books. This year, the challenge features extra special characters designed by award-winning author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson, who you'll know from amazing reads like Amelia Fang and Evil Emperor Penguin!’

You will need to ask an adult at home to sign up to the challenge online for you. It’s completely free and there’s an online platform with lots of activities quizzes and videos to keep you entertained. The online platform will also help you to set your own reading challenge to start now and complete over the summer and help you keep track of your books and unlock rewards as you read. Good luck!

Book Study

book-study - Niskayuna Reformed Church

Select a book from the recommended reading lists attached at the bottom of the page. You can select one from your new year group. There are lots of different genres to pick from, the choice is yours! If you do not have access to one of these texts, don’t worry, just pick a different book of your choice. As you are reading and once you have finished the book, you can respond to what you have read in a way that appeals to you. It is completely up to you how you wish to respond to the text.

Some ideas are:

  • Create your own illustrations for different parts of the text.
  • Design a new book cover including a blurb.
  • Write a diary in role as one of the characters.
  • Create character top trump cards.
  • Imagine that you can meet the author and interview them. What would you ask them and how might they respond? Write a magazine article revealing the interview.
  • Create a comic version of the text.
  • Write an alternative ending or even a sequel for the story.
  • Create a new character – what will they be called? What will they be like? What will their role be in the story? Think about their relationship with other characters.
  • A glossary to show all the new vocabulary you have learned. There’s a word map attached at the bottom of this page to help you.
  • Create a mood board to represent the story. How did the story make you feel? What images did you imagine when reading? Choose colours and images to create a mood board collage.  

You could present your Book Study as a poster, information leaflet, PowerPoint presentation or even make a project folder with lots of different files. It’s up to you!