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Autumn 2

Year 6 Autumn 2 Curriculum Snapshot

“In Year 6, this half term, we have been experiencing the life of a scientist hunting for dragons, whilst publishing a series of diary entries and other genres. Some of us created our own magical box of mystery. We have written a shared non-chronological report and through this, we have learned about different species of dragon looking at sections like: where they lived and their appearance. We learned that dragons might have survived the KT meteor. In our PE curriculum, we have been taking on a mission to choreograph our very own zombie dance steps to 'Thriller', whilst in football, we became fierce warriors!”

Jaigon-Rae, CJ and Summer (Year 6 Learning Leaders)

The children have worked hard this term, considering the existence of dragons. They watch a National Geographic documentary and from this created their own diary entries and non-chronological reports. Here are some examples of this work from Mason, Oliver and Farah:

Some children completed a writing project where they decided on their own genres. Here is some work from Keira, Sam and Giselle:

In reading, the children have focused on developing a number of skills including inference, retrieval and the effect that language has on the reader. This is shown in the work of Ellie, Leo, Mikey and Summer:

In mathematics, the children have worked on a wide range of skills that have helped them to develop their problem solving.  This has ranged from fractions, decimals and percentages to negative numbers and division. Here are some examples from Charlie, JJ, Jaigon, Max and Tyson:

The dragon theme continued in a combined DT and computing unit, as the children created their own moving crocodile and then adapted them to become dragons. Here is one of the outcomes from Jack:

They also considered online safety, especially when using games consoles. Here are the leaflets created by Lacey, Noah and Molly:

In geography, the children were learning about different maps and what different symbols meant. They then created their own map to apply their knowledge. Here are Nicky, Mati and Albie's:

Eryn, Louis and Jack showed off their electrical knowledge through a variety of tasks designed to help them understand electrical safety and circuits:

Gracie showed her understanding of equality in PSHE:

While Lisa, Albie and Julia showed their understanding regarding the effects of bullying:

In French, the children were learning to describe their uniform in their unit 'mon uniform'. Here is Lexie and Max's description: