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Year 5

Year 5 Summer 2 Curriculum Snapshot:

"We have enjoyed learning about floods on Natural Disasters Day and how they're created. We have also enjoyed publishing our non-chronological reports, where we displayed them in a creative way and worked as a team. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of Southampton, including the Spitfire, Docks, Mayflower and Titanic. In D.T. we were shocked that our garlic and watercress dip tasted so delightful."

Imogen and Michelle (Year 5 Learning Leaders) 

Our homework was to demonstrate what we understood about plastic pollution. Here is some of our homework that is on display in the corridor:

In groups, we researched and presented information about our chosen key historical event in Southampton. Here are some of our outcomes:

Oakley and Tiana have written in role to describe the journey of a water droplet along a river:

Alexia has learned to add fractions with different denominators and used a bar model to represent this:

Eden has been learning to recognise Roman numerals and has been solving addition and subtraction problems using them:

Niall has been learning to multiply fractions and has been applying this knowledge in order to problem solve:

Phoebe and Evan have learned to use the Digimap programme to show where our geography fieldwork took place:

Umar has been learning about famous business people and the technical vocabulary in our Enterprise unit:

Alex and Charlie have been inspired and created their own innovative ideas and put it into their own business plan:

Castor has been listening to a piece of music by famous composer Bedriech Zlatana and making comments on the musical elements:

Tuncay was about to apply his learning to evaluate another groups musical performance:

Brooke and Darius have been learning to describe different locations in French:

Jasmine and Phoebe have been learning how some foods are natural and others are processed:

Hollie has been learning about where certain foods are produced in the UK:

Libby has been learning about E-Safety and produced a poster to teach others how to keep themselves safe online:

Sophie and Kayleigh-May have been learning about places of worship and their different features:

Ani enjoyed learning about flooding and reflected on how people must feel when their houses are devastated by floods:

James has been learning about the effects of gravity: