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Spring 2

Year 5 Spring 2 Curriculum Snapshot:

We began our learning this half term with a visit from a real Viking, named Sig. He taught us about the daily lives of Vikings:

We looked at Viking weapons and felt the weight of them:

We had a go at Spear Wrestling - a Viking game to test the strength of warriors:

Sophie and Riley have been writing their own Viking story, using the historical research and other Viking stories they have read to influence their writing:

Robert has been finding out about the Valkyries. He then wrote his own description of these mythical Viking creatures:

Sofia wrote a recount of Viking Day and everything she learned:

Phoebe learned about the Christian conversion during the Viking era and created a comic strip to explain this:

Charlie has been reading Viking Boy and considering the choices the author has made. He thought about the impression that the author has given of the main character in this poem:

Dylan has been learning to infer. He used evidence and clues from the text to create a sketch map of the journey Gunnar took to Kaupang in our class text 'Viking Boy':

Miles has been learning about the features of a good settlement and was able to justify where in Britain he would settle and why:

Brooke has been learning how to create sketch maps and has used the symbols to create a sketch map of her own settlement:

Lacey has been learning about multiples and has been able to classify different multiples:

Evan has been finding factors of numbers and has learned how to find factor pairs:

Brooke has been using formal written methods in order to problem solve:

Kayleigh-May has been learning how to keep herself safe online and created a questionnaire about social media use for Year 6:

Jasmine has also been learning how to keep herself safe online and has been giving Molly advice on how she can stay safe when using the Internet:

Grace has been learning about properties and changes to different materials in science and has learned how to separate inks using chromatography:

Alex has been learning about rhythm, pitch and dynamics and the effect it can have when using African drums:

In RE, we learned about the importance of the Eucharist service to Christians and its symbolism:

Kai has been learning about the Last Supper and considering how Jesus and his disciples felt that night:

Phoebe has been learning about the pupils in her class and where they have come from: