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Autumn 2

Year 5 Autumn 2 Curriculum Snapshot

"We have found learning about crime and punishment really interesting because we did not realise that there were different punishments for different time periods. We enjoyed writing a diary entry in role because it gave us an opportunity to get into someone else’s shoes and write about what they did wrong. We liked learning how to create a mindmap as we thought they were fun but also educational. We enjoyed reading The Highwayman because it is not a story we would usually choose to read."

Michelle, Miles and Imogen (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

Brooke and Shantaya have been applying their learning in history to write a non-chronological report about the similarities and differences between the crimes and punishments in the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Tudor and Victorian eras compared to today:

Daniela has been writing a diary in role as a Victorian child to recount their crime and punishment:

Bailey has been reading The Jabberwocky poem and using clues to suggest the meaning behind the nonsense poem:

Jonathan has been reading The Highwayman and considering what lead to the key events in the narrative poem:

Sophia has been reading the poem The Walrus and the Carpenter and understanding the narrative of the poem:

Leah has been learning to recall key facts about time:

Morgan-Jane has been learning how to calculate the perimeter of rectangles and composite rectilinear shapes:

In history, Logan has been learning about crimes and punishments during the Anglo-Saxon era:

Angelika has been learning about the crimes and punishments of the Victorian times and considering the reliability of different sources:

Tiana has been learning about the changes humans go through in their life, including the changes in weight and height from birth:

Max has considered the patterns between height and weight from birth in relation to gestation periods:

Khloe has been learning about the music of John Williams and considering the musical elements she can hear:

Patrick has been learning about bullying behaviours and how he can protect himself and others:

Zara-Mae has been learning about the British Value of democracy:

Umar has been learning how to create graphs and formulas using spreadsheets in order to present data: 

Adam has been learning how to talk about sports and hobbies he likes and dislikes in French: