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Autumn 1

Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Snapshot

"One of our favourite things was going to the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, where we learned all about space and enjoyed exploring all the hands-on exhibits. We have also enjoyed reading our class book, Cosmic."

Imogen, Miles and Michelle (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

The children enjoyed tasting French food to develop their understanding of French culture. Oliver is enjoying some French bread and brie:

Chino has been learning about a famous French person, Claude Monet, to develop his understanding of French culture:

Shaun created a sketch map to show the position of the different planets in our solar system: 

Lily considered a scale for her sketch map:

Maya created a key to show the different planets on her sketch map:

Riley learned about the movement of the Earth and Moon around the Sun and drew a diagram to represent these movements:

Asher used his knowledge of co-ordinates to plot the stars for some of the constellations:

Oakley has been learning a new painting technique and has used this to design a cosmos, which will be the background for his solar system artwork:

Connor has been writing his own resolution and ending for the story 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce:

He has published his writing in order to make his own book:

Hollie has been using new and previously learned grammar skills in her writing, including fronted adverbials and parenthesis:

She has been working on her handwriting to publish her writing beautifully:

James has been reading 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce and has learned to retrieve information to develop his understanding of the story:

Libby has learned about cubed numbers and is using stem sentences to support her understanding of multiplication:

Lily has been investigating multiplication and has learned to use a formal written method:

Alexia has learned to code using scratch and is creating her own space maze game:

Year 5 visited the Winchester Science Centre and explored space:

They carried out an investigation to see which material would remain the coolest in front of the sun:

The children were able to explore the exhibits. Miles is testing his hand-eye co-ordination:

Declan and Rhys explored motion and gravity: