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Summer 2

Year 5 Summer 2 Curriculum Snapshot

"Yet again, the trips we have been on have been enjoyable. Visiting Southampton Mosque and the Solent Sky Museum helped with our learning and was really interesting. We have enjoyed learning about the Spitfire, Titanic and Jane Austen and why they are important to Southampton; it was fascinating learning about our local history. Publishing our writing into waterfall booklets was good and allowed us to be creative with our publishing and we also enjoyed weaving in art."

Molly, Andreia and Riley (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

Oskar has enjoyed learning about the Spitfire and writing a non-chronological report about the legendary aircraft:

Keeley enjoyed learning about the famous novelist, Jane Austen, and created a waterfall booklet to present her work:

Molly generated her own research question in history for her non-chronological report writing:

Layla enjoyed writing in role as Maia (from Journey to the River Sea) to write a diary entry showing how Maia felt about the escape plan:

Callum has written in role to show how the character Maia was feeling in Journey to the River Sea:

Jack has written a diary entry in role as Toad from Wind in the Willows. He has shown how Toad would have been feeling and used the text to support his writing:

Rafael has been applying his knowledge of perimeter to problem solve:

Bethany has learned how to calculate the area of the squares and rectangles and is beginning to use mathematical vocabulary to explain her understanding:

Jessica is beginning to make comparisons about characters and settings, using evidence she can retrieve and infer from a text:

Louis has used the text to retrieve information and make comparisons about two different settings:

Farah has retrieved information from the text to make inferences and understand different characters:

CJ has recognised how to make good choices in her life in order to stay healthy, particularly when she is older in relation to smoking and alcohol:

Lewis has learned about the work of AD Maddox and used oil pastels to imitate and continue her style:

Keira has considered the composition of her work and how to create the shape of a river when weaving:

Eryn and Phoebe weaved different materials to create a representation of a river:

Oliver was able to work with a group to compose music that sounds like a river. They were able to record their music using symbols:

Max has learned about the life cycle of a plant and made an observational drawing of a plant:

Daiton has been learning about the life cycle of a plant:

Noah has been learning how to search the Internet effectively by bookmarking pages and opening multiple searches:

Nadia learned about how computer networks work. She was able to explain how our school server is connected and works:

Iesha learned about the seasonality of different foods and where different foods are produced:

Sam has been learning about the five pillars of Islam and what they represent:

Lukasz has been learning what a sacred place is and about places of worship. He has recognised what the features of a mosque and a church are: