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Summer 1

Year 5 Summer 1 Curriculum Snapshot

"We really enjoyed our trip to Selbourne this half term, where we were able to get into the river and see all the creatures that live there. This helped us to develop our understanding of the different parts of a river, which we had learned about in our geography lessons. When writing our journey of a water droplet description, we enjoyed putting all of this learning together."

Andreia, Riley and Molly (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

Jaigon has learned to use parenthesis and relative clauses in her writing. She wrote in role as a water droplet to describe the journey along a river:

Ella-Mae has also been writing in role and has learned to use semi-colons and colons in her writing:

Lewis has used adverbials for cohesion in his water droplet description:

Gracie has been generating adjectives to describe a river to include in her writing:

Brooke has been reading Michael Morpurgo's 'The Sandman and the Turtles'. She has learned to compare the characters Michael and Polly, identifying similarities and differences:

Callum has been identifying themes in a story. He has learned to recognise the message that is being given through the story and identify the evidence to support this:

Ella-Mae has learned to find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages:

Mikey has learned to convert between units of metric measure, where he has been applying his knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000:

Theo has been applying his knowledge of converting units of measure. He has been reasoning about statements and justifying his thinking:

Daryl has been learning how an oxbow lake is formed. He has described the different stages of erosion and explained how this leads to an oxbow lake:

We went on a field studies trip to Selbourne, where we took measurements in the river and looked at which creatures live in the river:

Ashton has learned to use Digi-Map to plot his position on a river. He has learned to add notes to annotate the map and import an image:

Ben has been learning about the properties of different materials. He carried out an investigation to test whether materials would dissolve and recorded his observations:

Declan has learned to use musical vocabulary to comment on music. He listened to Bedrich Smetana's composition 'Vlatava' and commented:

Lisa has learned about PEGI ratings and why these are in place to keep us safe online:

Jacob has been learning about the religion of Islam. He has learned about the five pillars of Islam and what they represent:

Lillie-Mai has been learning about mental health and how to recognise emotions in herself and others. She has learned strategies for dealing with different emotions and who she can talk to: