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Spring 2

Year 5 Spring 2 Curriculum Snapshot

"We thought that the Bikeability training was good because it was interesting to learn the basics that we did not already know. Our topic 'Crime and Punishment' was exciting because we were able to find out about all the punishments that were given if you committed a crime during the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Victorian and Tudor times, which were quite brutal. We also enjoyed our school trip to Winchester Science Centre, where we were able to lie back and look up at all of the stars and planets in the universe when we were in the planetarium."

Andreia, Molly and Riley (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

Jack has been listening to and commenting on the work of a famous composer, John Williams:

Molly is beginning to use musical vocabulary to comment on the music she listens to:

In History, Teo has been identifying different ways of gathering information about the past and evaluating the reliability of different sources:

In Writing, Courtney has been learning how to use a semi-colon to separate clauses:

Oskar has written his own narrative poem, using The Highwayman as a model for his own writing. He has applied his learning of figurative language by included this in his writing:

Noah has written a letter to King George to share his concerns regarding the treatment of Bess by his men. He has used his learning from The Highwayman to write in role:

In Reading, Sam has been learning to include evidence from the text to support his predictions:

Jack has been coding his own maze, using 'if' and 'then' instructions. He has been able to debug a code using his understanding of the program:

In Science, Leyton has been learning to carry out an investigation. He has identified variables he will keep the same and which one he will change. Leyton has been learning how to carry out a fair test:

Year 5 visited Winchester Science Centre and were set the challenge to work as a team. Charlie and Keeley had to instruct Lillie so she could control the robotic arm, just like astronauts would need to do during a space walk:

In Maths, Farah has been learning how to find equivalent fractions using her knowledge of times tables. She is able to represent equivalent fractions using a bar model:

Mati has learned to compare fractions with denominators that are multiples of a number, by making the denominator the same:

Ruby has learned to add fractions and is able to apply this knowledge in order to answer worded problems:

Callum has learned to multiply fractions in Maths. He has used practical resources and is using a bar model to represent this visually:

JJ is using a bar model to represent multiplication of fractions visually and is able to record the answer as an improper fraction:

In RE, Nasim has been learning about the Christian faith. He has learned what 'The Eucharist' is and what is symbolises:

Summer has learned the story of the last supper and considered how these people would have been feeling at this time:

Shawn has been learning about one of our British Values, democracy. He joined a political party and they wrote a manifesto to persuade the class to vote for them: