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Year 4

Year 4 Autumn Term Curriculum Snapshot:

"This term, has been a busy one! At the start of the year, we learned about jungles and created our very own class rainforests. We enjoyed reading The Jungle Book and found out about India's geographical features. Diwali Day and our trip to the Hindu Temple was fun and we enjoyed tasting different Indian delicacies.

We have also learned about the importance of conservation and visited Marwell Zoo to find out more about endangered species. In science we learned that red pandas are endangered as their habitats are getting destroyed. As a year group, we have adopted a red panda called Mei Mei. Finally, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo."

Amelia, Jaiden-James, Sophia and Yusif (Year 4 Learning Leaders)

In geography, we learned about rainforests. Cody annotated his class rainforest to show his understanding of the different layers:

Victoria wrote a description of a jungle. She included expanded noun phrases to create a vivid picture - you can imagine being there:

Following our learning about India, the children designed and made their own pop-up books about India. In DT, the children experimented with making different types of levers and pop-ups. Bronte created a plan of her book and thought carefully about how she'd make it aesthetically pleasing for her target audience:

The children made different prototypes before creating their final book. Here's Victoria's prototype:

Bobby and Layla were proud of their finished books:

After making his book, Dylan wrote a detailed evaluation:

In RE, we explored the concept of good and evil. Jayden considered how Diwali is similar to other festivals:

Miley-May wrote in role as Rama to explain what had happened whilst they were banished in the jungle. She also explained the importance of Diya lamps and decorated her own:

Following our visit to the Hindu Temple, Esmie considered how different objects in the mandir show devotion:

Jacob sorted a variety of images to show which were typical of a Diwali celebration:

Marwell was a really enjoyable trip - we were the only school there so had the park to ourselves! We got to see many different animals and we found out how endangered they are. 

We took part in a conservation workshop:

 We were very lucky to see the red pandas:

We developed our knowledge of Digi-Map in geography and used it to create route maps of our visit to Marwell. David uploaded photographs and added these to his map:

Hashir and Tiffany worked together to plot their route:

In geography, Madison developed her knowledge of different climate zones and decided which animals would be found in each of the different zones as well as what you might need to take with you if you were to visit these places:

In PSHE, we learned about animal conservation. Milla learned about the different charities that help endangered species:

Antoni and Matilda wrote their own versions of Dear Zoo: Dear Marwell:

We considered the pros and cons to zoos. Maisie-Leigh created a mind map to show the different points of view and whether zoos are sanctuaries or prisons for animals:

Ben wrote a discursive text to show the different opinions: 

We thoroughly enjoyed reading Michael Morpurgo's The Butterfly Lion. Amelia made predictions about what the book might be about using clues from the cover of the book:

In preparation for writing an informal letter, Gosia explored how links are made within and between paragraphs:

Elise wrote an informal letter in role as Millie; she used a very encouraging tone and worked hard to select the most appropriate vocabulary:

André wrote a very emotive letter to Bertie, revealing feelings effectively:

Lily-Mae also wrote in role as Millie and used her knowledge of the text to make the letter sound just like her:

In science, we learned about the marine biologist Sylvia Earle. We have also found out about living things and their habitats.  Here's Emily's research:

Izzy created a fact file all about Sylvia:

Jacob has found out about food chains and the transfer of energy:

Ronnie labelled her food chain to show producers and consumers:

Gosia sorted a variety of different living things into producers and consumers:

As part of their geography learning, Elise and Olivia have found out about OS symbols:

This term, we have been developing our understanding of number in maths. Wiktoria has used her times table knowledge to multiply multiples of ten:

Lloyd has developed his understanding of addition and can use the formal column method to add four-digit numbers:

Esmie has used bar models to represent addition and subtraction calculations:

Cezar can now use short multiplication to multiply three-digit numbers by a one-digit number:

Sam has developed his understanding of dividing by 1:

Hashir has used his mathematical understanding to reason and prove Reggie wrong:

During our anti-bullying day, Bentley explored the differences between bullying and conflict:

Layla thought about how bullying linked to this year's theme of 'change starts with us':

In art, we have been learning to successfully mix colours. Tommy, Ava and Alex created tints and shades by mixing small amounts of white and black paint to their original colours. Here's the results:

In French, we have learned how to describe our families. Here's Dot and Izzy's family trees:

Blazej described Prince George's family members in French:

Rueben learned how to name members of his family:

In computing, we have developed our understanding of e-safety. Maisie has learned about PEGI ratings:

Throughout the term, the children have worked hard to learn to play their instruments. They all enjoyed performing at our Music on the Map concert!

Following each music lesson, Madison and Brandon reflected upon their learning in their music diaries:

What an action-packed term it has been!