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Spring 2

Year 4 Spring 2 Curriculum Snapshot 

"The half-term started really well with PSHE because we learnt a lot about animal conservation and the danger of having so much micro-plastic in the oceans. Because of this, we went to our next Learning Leader meeting and asked Miss Bessey if we could stop using plastic cups that we throw away at lunch time. The rest of the children agreed with us and a big change has happened - we now use resusable cups that are washed up every day rather than being thrown away. A success for the Year 4 children!" 

Max, Logan and Libby (Year 4 Learning Leaders)

One of the most memorable moments was the visit to Marwell Zoo and the Year 4 children were determined that a little bit of snow wasn't going to ruin their day! As well as seeing all the animals in the park, the children participated in a conservation workshop where they learned more about the importance of taking care of our wildlife as well as coming up close and personal with snakes and cockroaches:


In Geography, Asher and Owen S created their own sketch maps to show the route that we took around Marwell Zoo and the various animal enclosures that we visited. They added their own symbols to represent different buildings and used a key to explain their symbols:

The animal prints that we saw whilst at Marwell inspired Andrew and Asher to recreate their own animal prints using mixed media. They effectively layered tissue paper on their own mixed colours and thought carefully about how to represent the different patterns that they had observed:

Michael Morpurgo provided Grace, Laila, Owen E and Shaun with the opportunity to discover more about one of Britain's most popular children's writers by exploring the themes within his stories. They then extended this to their reading of one of his books, 'The Butterfly Lion', and looked at themes such as family, friendship and loss:

The Butterfly Lion continued to provide many opportunities in writing as Brooke, Jonathan, Oakley and Shaun show with some great examples of discursive texts debating whether or not a lion cub should be kept as a family pet. They also wrote in role as one of the main characters and included some very powerful emotions to show the impact that the First World War had on the lives of ordinary people:

Exploring the lives of animals around us continued to be a focus in Science. Alexandre, Oliver, Laila and Shaun explored various food chains and the scientific vocabulary that went alongside these. They considered the impact that humans can have on food chains and the consequences of these:

In PSHE, Elizabeth and Andrew created some top tips in the form of tweets to help conserve the natural world around us and in turn, protect the habitats of the wildlife we had been studying:

Year 4 were fortunate enough to have Matt and his team from City Mission come in for the day and teach us all about Easter and the significance of the Paschal Candle. The day was as brilliant as ever and the engaging activities really brought the Easter story to life:

In Maths, Mikey, Shantaya and Asher learnt how to convert between different units of measurement using their previous knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000:

Declan used different pictorial representations to help him multiply using a written method:

Lacey applied her knowledge of addition to both measure and calculate the perimeter of rectangles and squares:

In computing, Evan and Andrew used Word to publish their writing and could explain how to change the appearance of text as well as use tools such as spellchecker to edit their work:

In French, Lacey, Owen E and Shaun learned the vocabulary for the everyday objects that you would find in the classroom as well as consolidating the use of the verb 'avoir' (to have) to list both food and stationery items that you migh have in a bag: