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Year 3

Summer 2 Curriculum Snapshot:

“We would like to tell you about how much we have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks over the last term. Natural Disaster Day was one of our favourite activities - we got to make our own Mount Fairisle volcano and watch it erupt outside in our quad area. Using modelling clay, we created the different layers of the world. We continued to study ‘The Twelve Labours of Hercules’ and have written our own challenging thirteenth labour for him to complete. Everyone is looking forward to Year 4 but we will miss all the fun we have had in Year 3.”

Savannah, Jacob C, Daniel and Olivia H (Year 3 Learning Leaders)

Last week, the children had the great opportunity to visit Southampton City Art Gallery.  They learned about the story of Perseus through the paintings of Edward Burne-Jones and even had the chance to act the different paintings out:

Ronnie, Milla, Goisha, Calleigh and Emily C made Medusa heads from clay in the workshop after being inspired from their visit around the gallery:

In Art, Graciella and Alex used watercolours to find out about what secondary colours are made when different primary colours are mixed together:

Blazej and Evie researched Edward Burne-Jones and images of mythical beasts to help design and inspire their own Greek mythical creatures:

Here are some of the ferocious beasts that were created:

ln reading, Hollie, Ava, Dylan and Olivia H used evidence from 'The Twelve Labours of Hercules' to explain which labour is the most challenging:

Lloyd, Oliver and Tommy completed a range of different reading activities to help them understand the text more deeply:

In computing, Hashir, Bobby and Layla used the computer programme Scratch to code the characters Hercules and Hera to have a conversation. They worked hard to debug any problems to ensure that the speech bubbles appeared at the correct time:

In E-Safety, Sophia and Olivia H learned about what would make a safe and strong password when using the Internet:

In French, Hollie, Emily B and Siti listened to the traditional story the three little pigs. Using all their knowledge from the past year, the children underlined words and phrases in French and translated them into English:

In maths, we have been learning about division. Jacob B has been using bar models to understand the relationship between multiplication and division:

Doroteja used her reasoning skills to explain which division calculation was correct to use explain the array in the centre of the page:

Lilly L learned all the correct mathematical vocabulary to describe the written method:

Ashton used his reasoning skills to explain why a division calculation was incorrect:

Bobby and Ronnie used concrete apparatus to understand the formal written method for division:

Brinlee was able to use the written formal method of division to help him answer his calculations:

Albie, Tavia and Oliver practised their place value and used their times table knowledge to help them to draw the different groups:

In PSHE, the children learned how to stay safe in the home and in the community. They had to search for potential hazards that they may find in the home and explain how to make them safe. Can you spot any?

The children also had the opportunity to learn CPR and even got the chance to go in the back of a real ambulance. They loved the sound of the siren wailing!

Our science topic this half term is Light and Shadow. The children went outside to investigate how their shadow changes during the day. How do you think they change?

They also completed an experiment to see how the size of the shadow changed when the distance varied:Leihla wrote her own predictions and completed a results table to show what she found out from completing the investigation:

Amelia, Milla and Bailey used Chromebooks to research Thomas Edison and write down facts to complete a fact file:

Here are Andre's and Cordell's final fact file about Thomas Edison. What facts can you spot about him?

Zach learned about sun safety - he knows that he has to remember 'Slip, Slap, Slop' to help him stay safe, especially in the midday sun:

In RE, we were lucky enough to have Matt from City Mission to teach us about the Miracles of Jesus. We became mummies from 'The man who came alive' and we made boxes to re-tell the different bible stories that we had learned:

Here are some of our miracle boxes that we made. Do you recognise any of the bible stories that have been told?

On the 5th July, the school took part in Natural Disaster day. The children learned about volcanoes. They used modelling clay to recreate the layers of the Earth, marshmallow fluff and crackers to demonstrate how the tectonic plates moving caused volcanoes and even built Mount Fairisle in the quad where they watched it erupt.

Sophie, Lillian, Madison and Luke used atlases to locate the Ring of Fire and to locate where the volcanoes could be found:

On the third attempt, the children took part in their first Sports Day at Fairisle Junior School. The sun was out and they thoroughly enjoyed every minute. They even got to have a picnic with their parents outside on the field:

We hope you have enjoyed finding out what Year 3 have been up to over the past year. We wish you a relaxing summer holiday and look forward to seeing everyone's fresh faces in September :)