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Summer 1

Year 3 Summer 1 Curriculum Snapshot

"We had the opportunity to dress up on our Greek Day. We joined the Spartan army and learned different commands. On the playground we measured the length of different shadows created every hour and found out that there were different patterns. We listened to the Trojan story and made and designed our own Trojan horse using different materials. We wrote as Hercules to his father Zeus and explained what had happened when he fought the Lion of Nemea. We have really enjoyed reading the Hercules text and learning lots of new words."

Rose and Emily (Year 3 Pupils)Our topic this half-term was was 'Groovy Greeks'. Poppy created a sketch map of Ancient Greece:

In DT, Aydan, Blake, Mia and Nicola constructed a wooden frame as the basis for their own Trojan horse:

In Reading, the children have studied 'The Twelve Labours of Hercules' and Ella answered questions about the text using evidence in her responses:

In English, Conner inferred a character's feelings at different points in the story and Ava wrote a letter in role as Hercules to inform his father (Zeus) that he had completed his first labour (the Lion of Nemea):

In Computing, Jordan created a conversation between Hercules and his step-mother Hera. He used Scratch to code his own program and debug any problems that arose:

In Science, Chace, Mekhi, Tyler, Emily and Noah explored the concept of light and shadows. They investigated mirrors and wrote predictions about what would happen to our shadows:

In RE, Aaron learned about and compared the creation stories from Christianity and Hinduism. He then created his own world and explained how he wanted it to appear:

In PSHE, Hollie and Summer researched different countries from around the world and created their own flag that describes them: 

In French, Solomon has been learning about different body parts and created his own monsters:

In Maths, J, Shauna, Leon, Maggie and Paige have been understanding what an angle is and have explored the different types of angles: