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Summer 2

Year 4 Summer 2 Curriculum Snapshot

"We can't believe that it is already the end of Year 4 and we will be in upper school in just a few weeks. This year has flown past! We have had a great time in Year 4 this year and have enjoyed our final half-term together learning all about electricity and using this to make our Bristlebots!"

Libby, Logan and Max (Year 4 Learning Leaders)

In D.T., Amy and Breanna designed and evaluated their own bristlebots using and applying what they had learned in science about electricity and circuits:

Khloe, Declan, Jay, Emily and Zara-Mae worked well in groups to use different brushes and compare which was the most effective:

Laila and Logan added wings to their bot:

Paddy and Adam problem solved when their bot would not go forwards:

Alexandre, Chino, Hollie, Daniela and Max read 'The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe' and used inference skills to complete a variety of reading tasks:

Khloe, Lena, Lacey and Umar created a setting description for their own fantasy world based on Narnia:

Breanna and Max wrote fantasy stories set in their own worlds based on what they had read in 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe':

Amy, Angelika and Daniela created sketch maps in Geography to show the layout for their fantasy worlds and made sure they included features such as a key and compass:

On Natural Disasters Day, Year 4 studied earthquakes. Brooke, Chino, Khloe and Michelle looked at the placement of the tectonic plates on the Earth and which countries would be most affected by earthquakes. They wrote diary entries imagining what life would be like after a major earthquake and how it would change people's lives:

In maths, Hollie, James, Kayleigh, Lily and Logan used written methods to solve problems linked to addition, subtraction and fractions:

Morgan, Reece and Sophia learned to tell the time to the nearest minute on both analogue and digital clocks:

In PSHE, Angelika, Bella and James learned about tobacco and alcohol and the effect that it can have on a person's body and the choices we need to make in our lives linked to this:

In French, James, Max, Michelle and Oakley compared different aspects of everyday life in France and England such as school and food: