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Summer 2

“This half term has been a very busy but enjoyable one with lots to fit in! Not only have we carried on with our Groovy Greeks topic but we celebrated the end of our first year at Fairisle Junior School with a delicious fish and chip supper. We have really enjoyed finding out what happened to Hercules after he completed his labours and tried to persuade the people of Mycenae to vote for him to be king, instead of his idle half-brother Eurytheseus. We had the opportunity to visit Southampton Art Gallery to look at the paintings of Edward Burne-Jones and we made our own Medusa head in clay. We will miss Year 3 but look forward to a new year.”

Charlotte, Emily and Archie (Year 3 Learning Leaders)

Linking to our topic, the children visited the Southampton Art Gallery where they had the chance to observe artwork displayed paying particular attention to the paintings of Sir Edward Burne-Jones who showed the story of Perseus and Medusa:

Inside the Art Gallery, the children listened intently to the instructions of the clay workshop they took part in to create a Medusa head.  Dominik, Albie and Lacey worked hard to form the shape of the head:

These are some of the finished products! Ellie and Maisie did a great job making them look realistic:

When we got back to school, we used the paintings that we saw to help us sketch and paint our own mythical creatures using water colours.  First, Layla G, Lacey and Conner practised creating washes for their background and got used to the different brush sizes:

Taya, Keyarah, Eden and Rose worked carefully to ensure they used all of the painting skills they learned and kept to the style of Sir Edward Burne-Jones to paint their final mythical creatures:

In English, the children learned the features of a persuasive text and had to write a letter, in role as Hercules, to the wise Oracle of Greece, to persuade her to let Hercules off his remaining tasks. If anyone could persuade the Oracle, Charlotte's letter definitely could:

Our homework task this half term was to research the Greeks and produce the most imaginative work possible. Daisie has worked incredibly hard to present her work beautifully to showcase all of her amazing facts. Miller produced some realistic puppets of the Greek Gods alongside facts about them. Some real homework to be proud of:IIn June, the school got together for their annual Sports Day and Year 3's first experience of it. The children had a great day and the rain held off:

After all the excitement of Sports Day, the children were asked to write a newspaper report of the day. We read newspapers together to look for features that we needed to use in our writing. Julian worked hard to catch the readers attention with his headline:

This half term in Maths, the children have been exploring multiplication and division. Hollie, Mason and Charlotte used concrete apparatus to help them understand different written methods:

Alan, Bethany, Carson, Izzy and Hadiqah worked hard to practice the written methods for multiplication and applied it to word problems and abstract ideas:

Eight lucky children, Ed, Bailey, Rose, Lucas, Isla, Alexa, Julia and Izzy, were chosen to spend the year learning the violin. At the end of the year the children showed the rest of the year group what they had learned and played some different notes:

In RE, City Mission came into school to talk to the children about Miracles of Jesus. We learned many different stories with one of the children's favourites being 'The Man with Wobbly Legs': Emily, Lacey-Lou and Bethany wrote blogs as different characters from the three miracle stories. Aaron, Archie, George, Maisie and Theo had the opportunity to make their very own story boxes which they used to tell the stories they had learned to one another:

Our PSHE this half term has been 'keeping safe in the home and community'. We cordoned the classroom off with potential hazards that the children had to spot and make safe as well as discussing and learning about road safety, stranger danger and 999 calls. Albie easily spotted a hazard and explained how to make it safe:

For Music, Alfie and Marrissa used the iPad app BeatWave to create their own theme tune for their chosen Greek God. They had great fun using the headphones and sharing their compositions:

Every year, the whole school have a Natural Disasters Day where the children study a particular disaster. In Year 3 the children learned about volcanoes. They learned about and made their own layers of the Earth, used crackers and fluff to understand what tectonic plates are and we created our very own year group volcano! You could say the day was EXPLOSIVE! 

All of Year 3, took part in scooter sessions in small groups. They learned how to control the scooter properly and how to stay safe using it:

The Grande Finale to celebrate a successful year was the fish and chip supper. The children stayed after school to compete in lots of fun sports activities and to enjoy eating their dinner and chatting with friends.  The staff even joined in with the sporting activities - even taking part in a 'Teacher Tug of War':

Thank you Year 3, we have had a fantastic year! Enjoy your summer!