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Summer 1

Year 6 Summer 1 Curriculum Snapshot:

"This half-term Year 6 have taken the chance to learn about Mayan history as well as printing Mayan tiles. We have started our World War 2 topic by taking an exciting trip to Fort Nelson and have been making teddy bears from rationed materials. Not so long ago Year 6 took their Key Stage 2 SATs tests. We got to come in early and enjoy a bacon sandwich with our friends and relax! The week went extremely quickly! In PE, we have been doing rounders, gymnastics and football."

Jaigon-Rae, CJ and Ollie (Year 6 Learning Leaders)


After we came back from the Easter Holiday, Year 6 were visited by Southampton City Mission. They delivered an exciting day of learning focused around the Resurrection of Jesus. Here are some of the crosses made by Jan and Laila that depict the Easter Story:

In art, we have been creating intricate patterns and printing them. Our designs were inspired by Mayan architecture. Here are Honey, Leyton and Keira's finished products:

At Fort Nelson, we learned some vital first aid skills that would have helped us during World War Two:

Ben, Lewis and Leyton have used their geographical knowledge and skills to evaluate which Mayan settlements were the best. They compared the advantages and disadvantages of each and explored them in detail before making a judgement:

Rafael and Jessica explained, in role as an evacuee, how they were going to make their teddy bears from rationed materials. They also kept in mind how to give their bears some sentimental value:

Year 6, in action, making their teddy bears. We used the blanket stitch to make sure our bears were secure and hard-wearing: