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Summer 1

Year 5 Summer 1 Curriculum Snapshot:

"We have enjoyed our river themed topic this half term, where we were able to create a piece of artwork by weaving. We enjoyed studying the work of A.D. Maddox to magpie ideas about colour for our own final design. We have also enjoyed reading 'Journey to the River Sea', which really inspired us to learn more about the Amazon and the animals that live there. It was fun using this information to write poems about the Amazon and the Amazon river."  

Imogen, Miles and Michelle (Year 5 Learning Leaders)


Ani has been learning about the different features of a river and the technical vocabulary to describe these:

Charlie has been learning to read maps and has identified the location of Southampton:

Ethan has also been learning about the location of Southampton on a map but has also researched and found out more about the city he lives in:

Aleena has been finding out about the city of Southampton and has been suggesting why rivers are important to Southampton:

Libby and Tuncay have been learning about Brazil and where it is located on a map:

Castor has been learning about the Amazon and what is might be like to live there:

Riley has been looking at the route he will travel on our river studies trip. He identified the places he will travel through and suggested why someone may take an alternative route:

Amy, Brooke and Ryan have been learning about the artist A.D. Maddox and ave tried to use her style, thinking about the colours and lines she uses:



Ryan has learned how he can use shade in his artwork:

Ethan and Reece have been learning about plastic pollution and have written a letter to their families to suggest small changes they could make. They were also able to apply the writing skills they have been learning, such as parenthesis and relative clauses:

Eden has been learning to write different poems, such as a list poem and a haiku:

Riley has been learning strategies for making a sensible guess about the meaning of new words he comes across when he is reading:

Joseph has been learning to infer about characters and the themes suggested in a story: 

In mathematics, Dylan and Oscar have been learning to convert between units of metric measure for length, weight and capacity:

Laila has learned to calculate the volume of a shape and understanding that volume is measure in cubic centimetres or metres:

Owen has been learning about inheritance in science, and has identified features that are inherited or acquired:

Gracie has been learning about Darwin's theory of natural selection and how certain characteristics are more suited to certain environments:

Elizabeth and Ryan have learned to measure and cut materials accurately and how to strengthen a structure, in order to make a Viking longhouse:

In RE, Riley has been learning what submission means and how this relates to the lives of Muslims but also his own life:

Jay has been learning about the five pillars of Islam and why these pillars are important to Muslims:

Imogen has been learning how the Internet works and how the technology in out school is connected through a network: