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Summer 1

Summer 1 Curriculum Snapshot:

"This half term our learning has been around the topic of the 'Groovy Greeks'. On the Greek Day, we were all  greeted by a fellow Grecian, Theo. Whilst wearing our chitons, we became part of a Greek army, making us look and sound very intimidating!  We used our logic and problem solving skills to complete a range of different puzzles. Our new text, 'The Twelve Labours of Hercules', has been really fascinating. We have been really impressed by the strength and courage, which helped succeed in his tasks, and look forward to reading about the rest of his challenging labours.  In class, we had the opportunity to design and make our own Trojan Horse. We thought carefully about the colours we used and the materials that would best suit the purpose".

Savannah, Daniel, Olivia H and Jacob C (Year 3 Learning Leaders)

In history, Ashton and Hashir looked carefully at different Greek sources and thought about what it told them about the Greek era using 'See, Think, Wonder': 

Sophia and Izabela used various books to explore the Greek times and wrote out some of their own facts:

Skyla and Doroteja compared the Ancient Greek map to the map of Greece today, finding similarities and differences between the two:

Victoria completed a timeline to show how the different eras overlapped with each other:Cordell learned about the achievements of the Ancient Greeks and how they have affected our own lives. He ordered the pictures carefully and explained the decisions that he made:

Below are some photos to show all the different activities we completed during Greek Day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and loved meeting Theo the Grecian! We learned about the weapons that were used and held our very own mini Olympics:In DT, we listened to the Trojan Horse story. Angel and Jack worked hard to design their own Trojan Horse and thought carefully about the colours and materials that would have been used:

Ronnie, Olivia H, Jack and Sophia practised their measuring and sawing skills to help them make the  frame to hold the horse:

Here is  Jacob G, Luke, Lily C and Madison's final finished product. Can you spot the different materials that they chose to use?

They evaluated their work to reflect on what went well with their piece and what they could improve:

During reading, Cody used the image of the Hydra of Lerna and decided to think about what it already shows the reader about the text:

Siti used the front cover of the book to predict why the reader has used certain words and images:

Kai identified some of the features of a letter and explained what they were used for:

Oliver and Tommy wrote a letter in role as Hercules to Hera to explain how he felt when she tricked him:

The children worked in groups to write, edit and  publish their own instructional piece of writing about how to make Stig's window.  We think the final pieces look really impressive:

Sophie practised using fronted adverbials in her work before writing her final piece:

Hashir learned the parts of face in French and labelled the picture correctly:

Charlie and Sam labelled the parts of the body in French and sang heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French too!

Emily and Bailey learned about what makes a password safe during their e-safety lesson:

In Maths, we learned about fractions. We used concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to ensure we deepened our understanding . Amelia compared different fractions and explained using  mathematical language how she knew the answer:

The children made fraction walls and used them to compare different fractions and find equivalent fractions:Milla and Lilly L used fraction strips to explore for themselves how the size of the equal parts changed depending on the number in the numerator or denominator. What do you think the rule is?

Sophie used bar models to help her understand how to add and subtract fractions.Oliwier, Daniel, Dorian and Wiktoria used multilink to create their own clock. They explored the link between the time and the 5 times table:

In RE, the children learned about the Hindu and Christian creation stories and compared the two. Bronte, Emily, Jacob B and made story puppets to help them remember the different stories:

Harry wrote down some similarities and differences between the the two different creation stories:

Madison and Daniel explored in PSHE what culture means and how each of their lives are different:

Olivia compare her life to Shakeel's life in India. She discovered there are some similarities and differences with both cultures:

In science, we have begun to investigate light by sorting different types of light into man-made and natural. Any object that was not a light source was placed on the outside:

Lillian and Oliwier investigated the scientific vocabulary - opaque, transparent and translucent, and decided on items that reflected in different ways:

Jakub investigated how light can be reflected from different surfaces using mirrors at different angles. He used scientific diagrams and labelled them carefully:We look forward to continuing to learn about this topic over the next half term.