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Spring 1

Year 5 Spring 1 Curriculum Snapshot

"This half term, we have enjoyed our Space topic. We have learnt about the Solar System and the famous astronaut, Tim Peake. We have particularly enjoyed Music, Art and Computing this half term. In Computing, we were able to make a crab maze and coded it to make the crab move. In Art, it has been interesting learning different painting techniques to create a solar system and in Music, we have enjoyed composing our own piece of Space music using the app ‘Beatwave’."

Andreia, Riley and Molly (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

Rafael has been explaining why we have day and night, using scientific vocabulary:

Oliver has described his opinion of how the media alter images of people and how this can affect us:

Nicky has drawn a diagram to represent the movements of the Earth, sun and moon.  He has included scientific vocabulary:

Laila can explain what cyberbullying is and how to stay safe online:

Layla wrote a poem to describe how special the Earth is to us:

George can give advice on ways to stay safe online:

Honey has plotted different constellations using a six-figure grid reference:

Summer has been writing a biography about Tim Peake.  She has included parenthesis to give extra information:

Natalia can recognise where to use a colon and a semi-colon in a complex list:

Lily has been using a formal method to multiply three and four-digit numbers.  She is able to give a top tip for multiplying:

Eryn has been able to apply her knowledge to find missing digits in multiplication problems:

Leo has used his text to retrieve the required information to be able to answer a range of questions:

Albie has written the steps for multiplying a two-digit number by a two-digit number:

Milly has made a prediction about a text and has justified her opinions:

Phoebe has been problem solving using jottings to help her multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers:

Louis has been writing a space story about a trip to Mars. He has responded to feedback to improve his work and his vocabulary has been carefully chosen:

Charlie has worked incredibly hard to improve his handwriting whilst writing his space narrative. He has included fronted adverbials and an expanded noun phrase in his writing:

Max has considered the composition of his artwork when creating a galaxy front cover for his narrative:

Mason has developed his own style of painting and considered the depth of his artwork when painting planets for his final piece:

Lewis has experimented with composition of his planets for his final design:

Thomas has learned about the primary colours and recognises which colours complement each other: