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Spring 1

Year 3 Spring 1 Curriculum Snapshot

“We have really enjoyed writing a non-chronological report and reading the Iron Man. We really loved making and painting our own monsters. The trip to Raymond Brown was great because our coach was weighed with us on it (we weighed the same as two elephants) and we found out all about where our recycling goes. We also so found you have to wear special clothing when at a recycling centre.”

Isabelle and Blake

Watch Layla's amazing recycling documentary she completed for her homework:



Julia has done an excellent job at editing and improving her non-chronological report:

Emily took great pride in publishing her work – she has even made her class teacher famous:

In English we have been learning how to use expanded noun phrases. Lucy has done a great job of using them when writing a desciption for her own fictional monster:

Kingston used ICT to publish his writing:

Isabelle has been identifying the features of a non-chronological text to help her with her own writing:

Mia and Logan took on the role of the Iron Man to predict how he was feeling at different points of the text:

Using evidence from across the text, Alan proved that the Iron Man was not an evil character:

Pheobe did a great job at creating a clay monster to inspire her with her writing:

Look at 3LM's creations:

Ralph sketched an extremely detailed picture of his monster before he made it out of clay:

In Geography, Rylee has shown that he can sketch a map of the world and show were oil can mostly be found:

Evie has been learning all about gender stereotyping when it comes to both men and women’s careers:

Harry and the Year 3 children have enjoyed learning all about recycling and they have been looking at how Fairisle Junior School can become better at recycling:

Keyarah has cracked using the column method when subtracting. She is even able to exchange:

In Maths, George is able to explain the mental strategies that he has used to work out addition and subtraction calculations:

Alfie was able to mark his teachers work and explain where she had gone wrong using the mathematical vocabulary that he has recently learned:

Miller has been investigating different forces and how objects move on different surfaces:

Lilly-May has investigated which objects are magnetic and how magnets can either attract or repel:

Our trip to Raymond Brown:

Year 3 have enjoyed exploring the apparatus in their gymnastics lessons: