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Snow Day 2018!

Max with an ENORMOUS snow ball!




Looks so much fun Dolly!




Dolly spinning around!


Lillie Mai with her mini snowman she made at her Grandad's the first day it laid. On the left is Lillie with her brother Albie from Fairisle Infants, being pulled on a sled!


Great Snowman Kai!




Mikey is going to the Winter Olympics!

Great photo of Miller and his snowman!




Rhys going crazy! 

Rhys and Mum - hope that snowball wasn't aimed at you Mum!


Miss Batchelor being artistic! Which of our 'House' bridges can you spot in the background?


Seth, little brother Louis and a snowman who supports Saints!


Declan and dogs loving the snow!




Callum on his sledge. 

Callum, Tiffany and a boat! Off to the Isle of Wight!?


Can anyone spot Lacey from Year 5!?


Ella and Rosie, and a snowman with a Hugo Boss cap!


Molly being a snow angel!


Lily enjoying the snow, sledging at the sports centre, with family and friends.




Riley sledging with his family (he's the second one on the video!) 


A message from Riley: "We had lots of fun on the snow day. I went sledging with my stepdad and stepbrother and my mum and step nanny had a go too. It was all our first time sledging too!"




Ethan enjoying sledging.


Conan and friends!


Bethany and Elizabeth enjoying their snow day.


Patrick enjoying sledging and on the right with his older sisters Kaci and Bethany. 


Mrs Jackson, son Fred and a chicken they rescued!


Summer and Lilly-May look like they're skiing down the road!


Mikey with older brothers Jack and Jamie and their new friend. Love the hair.


Mr Hayes at Snow Day HQ uploading all your photos and videos.


Jordan with Mum and older brother Mitchell. Who won the snowball fight!?


Katy and younger brother Jamie cheer the snow!


Alfie and Lucas make the most of their snow day!


Erin snowbathing


Maisie having fun with her mum and little sister.




Noah now has three points on his sledging licence.


Love the sledge Noah!


Mrs Pottle sledging with dog Buzz!


The latest addition to the Woods family. Definitely looks like his father.


More Saunders family fun!


A message from Head Boy Korey: "On Thursday afternoon my family and I went into town on a bus for a family occasion. Before we went home we enjoyed having a snowball fight by the Southampton Walls, boys against girls obviously the boys won! When I got home I went out to play with my friends Archie, Mason and Logan we had so much fun sledging down hills."


Argent family fun!




Fab video Erin! 


Love the bow Erin!




Is there anyone out there having more fun than Miss Boler?! Quad bike skiing with her brother - a new extreme sport ready for Year 6 to write about!


Miss Colegrave hasn't ventured far!


Who is having the most fun? Ashley or her horse?!




You two must be freezing!!


Grace with her brother and sister and former pupils Callum and Lauren.




Head Girl Mia and Deputy Head Boy Dylan sledging. Is that Dylan or Mia screaming!?


The Argents and Gaetes just chillin!


Trying to figure out whether Miss Milford has thrown that snowball or it is about to hit her!


Ella and Aydan sledging to rescue their Auntie from work!


Poppy's snow angel is much better than Mr Howard's!




Our Head Girl Mia and little sister Libby having lots of fun!


Mrs Ward and her kids have made a new friend!


Mrs Saunders with her three kids!


Mrs Shepherd and her two girls making snow angels!


Mrs Cleveley is trying out her new snow scooter! Her beagle Monty is yet to make his mind up about the snow!


Kamil and Oliver (and dog!) having all sorts of fun! 


Lukasz running away from Lucjan! Uncle Michael is teaching him how to make the best possible snowball...ready to throw at Mrs Dabrowska!


Mrs Howard trying to fly!


The Wilsons and Gaetes have made a snowman of Mr Hayes. That is definitely the coolest Mr Hayes has ever looked (says Mr Hayes)!


Our esteemed Vice Chair of she alive?!




Theo - this is hilarious!


Hannah, Robert, Lucy and Snowlaf Minns!!


Amy making a snow castle!


Fred and Matty doing the silly salmon!
Fred - it looks like you could be Arsenal's new keeper based on last night!




Miss Boler says she is having too much fun!


Impressive snowball Miss O'Shea!


DJ and older brother James (our former pupil and footballer)


Iesha having fun in the snow with her brother and sisters.


Miss Smith and her son with his snowman Inky!


Mrs Goodall taking Tinker on a snowy walk!


Just in case you missed it. Meet Mr Howard - Headteacher and part-time snow angel.


Lovely photos of Mr Woods with daughter Evelyn.