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Autumn 2

Year 6 Autumn 2 Curriculum Snapshot

“Throughout Autumn 2, we have learned about World War 2 and how women became a big part of the war effort. They took on many of the traditional roles of men including: mechanic, farmer and factory workers. They were needed as much as men for us to win the war.”

Chloe, Daniel and Alfie (Year 6 Learning Leaders)

Enjoying a trip on a wartime bus at Beaulieu.

Lucy and Erin supporting each other during their evacuation with their teddies for comfort:

Jailon and Mollie ready for evacuation with their teddies made in DT:

In writing, Ashley has been learning to use dialogue and narrative to create an effective piece:

Mason created an information text about World War 2:

Czarina evaluated her DT through a diary entry:

Shanaya has explored a World War 1 poem – Dolce Et Decorum Est:

Ryan has represented fractions in different ways:

Jack developing his knowledge of fractions:

Leoni reasoning about fractions:

Aislene has applyed her times tables knowledge to solve calculations:

Skye has considered the causes of World War 2:

Chloe has been learning about how an electrical circuit works:

Chloe then worked on her design for a World War 2 light:

Ashley, Lucy and Archie working on their Dragon’s Den design: creating a World War 2 Christmas light!

Missy was showing what she has learned during Anti-Bullying Week:

In computing, Plamena has been thinking about cyber-bullying and how to keep people safe:

In French, Jake has been talking about our school uniform: