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Autumn 2

Year 5 Autumn 2 Curriculum Snapshot

“We think our residential to Stubbington Study Centre has been a highlight this half term because we were surrounded by nature and we got to see a badger and a fox. It was really great!”

Andreia, Riley and Molly (Year 5 Learning Leaders)

Patrick and Laila measured the weight and length of a field mouse at Stubbington – they named him Nibbles:

As part of our learning about Steve Backshall and his work with animals, we wrote him letters. Here are some examples from Lukasz, Giselle and CJ:

We received a signed postcard from Steve to say thank you for our letters:

 Toby, Julia, Thomas and Summer created their own gifts for a baby King during our RE day where we learned about The Magi:

Layla has identified characteristics that are inherited from parents in Science. She created a key to show characteristics that are inherited and acquired:

Lacey commented on a selection of TV adverts explaining how the music created atmosphere:

Patrick used an excel spreadsheet on his Google Drive to record and present data:

Laila was able to debug a formula in Excel:

Oliver used an Excel spreadsheet on his google drive to record and present data:

Elle has been learning about the impact of bullying:

Tyson learnt about the six compass points and how to use a compass for direction:

Keeley has been rounding decimal numbers to a whole and one decimal place:

Layla has identified factors and common factors of numbers:

Oliver has also been identifying common factors of numbers:

Daiton has been learning how to use parenthesis and is applying it in his writing:

Courtney has been identifying formal language and the structure of formal writing: