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Autumn 2

Year 4 Autumn 2 Curriculum Snapshot

“Our topic this half-term about the Ancient Egyptians has been really interesting. We have made our own Canopic jars and learnt about mummification. The best part was going to Highclere Castle and seeing the amazing exhibits.”

Max, Logan and Libby (Year 4 Learning Leaders)

Kai, Layla and Ella made fantastic Egyptians:

Riley, Hannah and Charlie were very regal:

Gracie, Mitchell, Libby and Declan wished they could go back in time:

Ethan and Summer wrote detailed reports about our trip to Highclere and everything that they found out when they were there:

Khloe explained some of the advantages of being a temple builder’s wife 3,000 years ago:

Lily explored the process of mummification and why it was such an important process to wealthy Ancient Egyptians:

Ella and Anna Bella designed their own Canopic jars and then made them using clay.

Linked to our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, Year 4 have been reading ‘The Pharaoh’s Charioteer’. Lena and Niall have unpicked the characters and language used in the book to help them better understand the story:



Ethan wrote an urgent letter in role as one of the main characters:

At the beginning of the half-term, Year 4 celebrated Diwali:

Leah and Imogen were very sticky:

Zara-Mae and Bella worked carefully to shape their coconut ladoo:

Layla and Maya wrote some informative reports linked to Diwali day:

Umar used what he already knew to find other multiplication facts:

Adam used his times tables to help him multiply multiples of 10:

Robert learnt to multiply using short multiplication:

In PSHE, Alexandre and Angelika explored gender stereotyping and the roles within a family through the story ‘Piggybook’ by Anthony Browne:

In Music on the Map, the children performed confidently to a very large audience of parents and relatives to show what they have achieved so far in just a few weeks of music lessons. Everyone was very impressed: