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Autumn 2

Year 3 Autumn 2 Curriculum Snapshot

“We all enjoyed the Fairisle Bake Off, it was a fun way to learn about making cakes and sandwiches, and how to stay safe by washing our hands. We read The Mousehole Cat which helped us to write a poem about the Great Storm Cat and a diary about Mowzer and Tom. We learned about how tourism affects Cornwall and the good and bad things about it!”

Charlotte, Emily and Archie (Year 3 Learning Leaders)

Isla tasting the foods:

Lacey eating the baked treats:

3KS working out where Mousehole is:

3KS role playing for Anti-Bullying Week:

Hot seating as Mowzer in 3LG to help develop our understanding of Mowzer's thoughts and feelings:

3LG looking at bones in Science:

Charlotte and Zuzia crossing the tens boundary:

Year 3 practising their vocal percussion for their storm performance:

Year 3 practising their spellings actively on the playground:

In Computing we have been using Digi-Map to show our walk around Lordshill. Harry has even annotated the route with text and photographs:

In Geography we considered how tourism affects people in Cornwall. Carson thought Gary the restaurant owner would feel like this:

Levarna has been showing what she knows in Science:

Lacey-Lou has been retieving information to answer questions about The Day the Crayons Quit:

We have been writing poems about storms and adding personification to describe the Great Storm Cat:

In Mathematics, Kier has been learning to subtract with some regrouping: