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Autumn 1

Year 6 Autumn 1 Curriculum Snapshot

“This half term, Year 6 have enjoyed the experience of Little Canada and Little Fairisle. We learned lots of new skills including how to tie bowline knots, camouflage, fencing and many more. We have enjoyed coming into Year 6 and making new friends. In lessons, we have read Stormbreaker and we were really impressed to find out that the main character, Alex Rider, was a member of MI6 at only 15. We really enjoyed writing to Mr Blunt to persuade him to make us the next members of MI6.”

Jaigon-Rae, CJ and Oliver (Year 6 Learning Leaders)

The children have begun their last year at Fairisle by reading the spy thriller 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz. They used the themes in the story to write a letter of application to MI6 to become their next intelligence officer. These are a few written by Leo and Theo: 

In maths, the children have revised place value and then worked on their skills involving the four operations. Below is some of the work completed by Gracie, Albie and Eryn:

In reading, we have based our learning on developing our inference skills. We have also developed a deeper understanding of Stormbreaker through these sessions. Below is the work that Lukasz and Noah have produced:

We learned all about the circulatory system in science and how nutrients are transported around the body. Here are some examples of the work produced from Daryl, Lexie, Thomas and Nicky:

We considered the theme of sacrifice in RE and what this meant to the children. Honey and Oskar have shown their ideas:

In PSHE, we have developed an understanding of the rights of different people through LBGT month and Black History month. Below is some of the work produced by Jaigon-Rae, Lisa and Teo:

In art, we developed our perspective skills and created our own picture in the style of Ben Heine. Below are the initial drawings and ideas of Farah, Rafael, Julia and Sam:

In geography, we were searching different terrains to create a spy base. We looked within the UK and Worldwide. Here is Riley's work:

Finally, we all had a great time at the beginning of the year in Little Canada and Little Fairisle. Below are some photos of these events to show some of the things the children learned and did: