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Autumn 1

Year 4 Autumn 1 Curriculum Snapshot

“The learning this half term was really fun. We particularly enjoyed reading The Jungle Book and creating our own pop-up books. Our trip to the Hindu temple was interesting. We've also really enjoyed learning about India and publishing our non-chronological reports.”

Amy, Bailey and Mitchell (Year 4 Learning Leaders)

The children have enjoyed reading 'The Jungle Book' this half term.  Isabel has explored the thoughts and feelings of the characters: 

The children have also learned about the author, Rudyard Kipling.  Oliver and Chloe looked at how the author uses language to create meaning and made inferences about why he wrote the story and what made it so popular: 

Inspired by their reading, the children created their own jungle characters.  Alan used super adjectives to describe Trio the Tucan: 

Mia's character was far more menacing: 

Rahmat and Isla used their characters as stars in their own jungle adventures:

In D.T. the children have designed and made mechanisms to create a pop up jungle setting for their characters:

Kai used a wheel to allow his lion to move and Rose used a range of wheels, pulleys and levers to create movement:

The Year 4 topic this half term has been India.  The children have explored its location and how this impacts on its climate.  Alexa and Emily have identified the various biomes around the world and the three specific biomes found in India: 

Aarron has also learned about Indian culture and looked at the similarities and differences between India and the U.K.:

Through their work in geography, the children learned that Hinduism is one of the main religions in India.  They have explored this further in R.E. through the concept of devotion.  Eden, Keyarah, Miller and Spencer researched the different ways Hindus show they are devoted to their beliefs: 

We also enjoyed our visit to the Mandir (Hindu Temple) where the children took part in the morning prayer and were able to learn more about the religion first hand: 

In PSHE, the children have studied the concept of discrimination.  Lucas made some thoughtful observations about the different ways people can be discriminated against and was able to explain why it is wrong to discriminate against people based on their individual characteristics: 

In maths, Year 4 have been securing their knowledge of place value and developing their strategies to improve their times table recall. Ellie has made great progress with her times tables:  

Lucas has developed his knowledge of rounding:

Isabelle has explored negative numbers:

In science, the children have learned about how to identify and classify living things. The children worked in pairs to classify living things in different ways. Here's Hollie and Isabelle working together: 

Kingston and Rahmat enjoyed the challenge: