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Autumn 1

Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Snapshot

“We felt like real Vikings during Viking Day. We got to discover how life was different then compared to our lives now. It made us see how lucky we are!”

Andreia, Riley and Molly (Year 5 Learning Leaders)


Lukasz rounding numbers using different representations:


Riley has explained his understanding of rounding:


Dylan has been demonstrating his understanding of number:


Jessica using formal methods for addition:


Julia’s diary entry in role as Gunnar (Viking Boy):


Bethany’s narrative inspired by Viking Boy:


Noah’s invasion narrative:


Giselle has explained where the Anglo-Saxons came from and why certain settlements were chosen:


Keira’s design ideas for her Viking Longhouse:


CJ has created a sketch map of her own settlement using a key:


A selection of Viking Longhouses:

Riley and Katie:

Oakley and Ella-Mae:

Lacey and Declan:

Lisa and Cody:


Jack’s responses to discrimination as part of our Black History Month learning:


Performing their gymnastics routines:

CJ, Bethany and Layla              

Dolly and Lexi:               

Iesha and Honey:

Michael and Blake: